From the Family Guesthouse, to the Resort with a swimming pool, you can choose your accomodation in Champasak Villages, depending on your budget and your needs. Our selection (from 15$ to 220$) will allow you to reach our Wellness Center within 20mn by bicycle for the farthest (0km to 5km). The owner of these places can also call a tuk-tuk (5-10mn) for you to visit Champasak-Spa. We will organize the return transfer. 

Anouxa Guesthouse

Contact Anouxa Guesthouse which is a friendly Family Lao experience, just next door to the spa. It is a simple but large room with balcony in front of Mekong. Idealy located if you have booked a meditation retreat at 9.00 am in the morning.

Bassac Residence (ex Inthira)

Contact Residence Bassac. A cosy and charming hotel, located in the center of the Village...15mn by bicycle from Champasak-Spa.

La Folie Lodge

Contact La Folie Lodge. This Lodge is located on the beautiful and isolated Done Daeng Island ; you will cross the Mekong River by boat 20mn, to reach our place.

Nakorn Cafe

Contact Nakorn Cafe Guesthouse is a Belgium / Lao mangement. 20mn by bicycle from Champasak-Spa.

The view at Champasak

Running by Thai managment, The View is outside from the center, 25 mn by bicycle from Champasak-Spa.

The River Resort

Contact The River Resort. Resort with 2 swimming pools, located oustside from the Champasak villages. 20mn by bicycle to reach Champasak-Spa

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