Travelling in Laos, you may feel something different, something spiritual that you cannot explain, and it makes you happier…
Our Spiritual retreats can help you to extend this feeling when you go home.

These retreats suit to anyone who wants to experiment meditation for the first time, or practitioners who want to practise and develop their Sila in a peaceful place during their trip, within a gentle schedule ; Meditation, Massage, Guidance and Pause..

The retreat includes 4h a day in our Center, starts at 9.00 am to 11.00 am for spiritual practise and exchange talking. 
As Energy is a part of the keys, you will naturally enjoy a daily Holistic massage. Appointment for the daily 1h30 Holistic massage can be chosen on morning or afternoon. 

These 3 Spiritual days have been designed by Nathalie.

She will guide you for a daily 30mn Anapana meditation (for beginners or meditation practitioners), and share some” keys” teaching by the Lord Buddha Gautama to live happier, balance emotions, and transform obstacles in a strength.

” I will be delighted to share with you, with humility and simplicity my practise and research in spirituality. I will be happy to explain what I have been learning in meditation for 20 years, and more specifically, the part I have practised for 10 years in Champasak.” 


The 3 Days Retreat  can be arranged for small groups 2 to 6 persons at specific dates, following the Samaddhi Calendar.

If you are more than 6 people or if you wish to set an individual retreat, please, contact Nathalie. A new One day Spiritual Retreat can also be set up for individuals or couple.

These 3 days are a non-residential retreat, you will be able to choose your accommodation in Champasak town, following your needs and your budget. We can help you to make your reservation if you should have any concerns.


For more details on this retreat, contact Nathalie.

Nota : This retreat has been set up initially for Francophone people, who had few opportunity to learn meditation in South of Asia in French language. This retreat can be leaded in English also, if you are patient, and indulgent…

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