Vat Phou Festival


Vat Phou Festival

Annual cultural and religious festival in Champasak- South of Laos


As all festivals, Vat Phou Festival draws crowd, who sets up in the place during 3 long days. Plastic, and detritus may attrack eye of the foreigners. Vat phou admistration has made a huge effort to maintain the place as clean as possible, but it will take long time to find sustainable solutions.
If you  prefer a serene atmosphere to visit Vat phou ,  I suggest you to come at least 1 week before or 1 week after the festival to enjoy Vat Phou in a quieter atmosphere.




17-18-19 February 2019

Every year, the Vat Phu Festival is the most important event for Lao people to celebrate this magical Khmer temple, and Makha Busa day.

During 3 days, traditional festivities and Buddhist ceremonies draw thousands of Lao people coming from all over Laos. This event makes the site very alive, and all foreigners are welcome. Nevertheless, some travelers may need recommendations to enjoy this festival.

Vat Phou Festival Highlights

Champasak Spa wellness center Vat Phou Festival February 2019 Laos

The 3rd day, 19 february 2019 at 6.00 am, Makha Busa day, Monks offerings, celebrating the 1st sermon of Buddha Gautama.

 The 1st day, 17 february 2019, usually at 4.00 pm. Opening ceremony : Procession show, traditional danses and music.

The 3rd day, 19 february 2019 at 5.00 pm, Full moon, candle procession.

Vat Phou Festival Highlights

Few pics of the Vat phu Festival …

Nathalie's Tips !

Tuk tuk in Champasak-Spa

You will find a cheap tuk tuk in Champasak town easily during the 3 days of festival. Following the activities, do not hesitate to go and back to your guesthouse/hotel during the day, to have a rest.
40mn from the town to get Vat Phou gate.

Long queue to park your private car…

Be ready to join local people the 1st day of the festival, to feed the elephants coming from Phou Asa. It is a long way, they need bananas, water, that you will able to give about 10.00 am on the road. They pass just in front of Champasak-Spa…

You can see them in the temple, and even go for a short ride if you wish.

Nuns comes to offer a thread of coton, which will be tied on your wrist, bringing good luck and protection. You are welcome to receive, you can give some tips in exchange.

Buddhist Theravada people follow the Lunar Calendar for ceremony and rituals.
Makha Busa ou Magha Puja is celebrated every year the full moon day of the 3rd Lunar month Calendar (usually in January-February). 

You can come to relax during the Festival ; Champasak-Spa will be opened :

17 Fev 2019 ; 10.00 to 7.00 pm

18 Fev 2019 : On reservation

19 Fev 2019 ; 10.00 to 5.00 pm

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